Recent Work


The Vessel


Floating on a sea of black, tissues, baby’s breath and veils

A low bench lay in front of the vessel with golden rails

Knocking knees and goosebumps, I dared to peek into the bin

Alas, just another empty box was contained within!

I recognized this pale casing adorned in lace and pearls

But there was something quite fraudulent in those chestnut swirls

That exquisite treasure chest had been robbed of all its gold

That once raucous ocean had become still, silent, and cold

And yet the world continued entanglement with this thing!

I did not know where it was, but I knew what was missing

Thoughts and nonsense echoed near the sinister artifice

This bewildered child snuck away from the rottenness 

That vessel was more frightening than spider, witch or thunder

Whatever was left in that box, it was not my Mother