The Unicorn


Disenchanted with stallions, without an interest in mares

Lost in beating boredom I found escape from my cares

Serendipity one day behind the flowering buckhorn

I found myself face to face with my first unicorn!

The sparkle of her pastel blue eyes drew something new from me

I was trapped in space in time, nowhere else could I be

And her mane spilled over me like a warm waterfall of bliss

When she moved in closer, I could not deny her kiss

There was nothing left to do but let her carry me away

I mounted her and marveled as my body gave way

An unprecedented commotion quivered between my legs

Bursts of ardor beckoned as I bounced and licked and begged

Suddenly the tide shifted and rocked me off that raucous sea

Desperately closed my eyes yearning for more ecstasy

But there was no ignoring those cursed, calamitous cues

Madly I hopped off her figure startling my muse

And I was just as instantly relieved of panic and fright

I could now see my true self reflected in her sight

My infatuation was misunderstood in my fervor

I didn’t want to ride her. I wanted to be her.