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La Tremaine


Brave orphan ducklings meandering the tarn alone, 

Avoid the cunning foxes and the cats perched on the stone

While scavenging the forest for snails, and weeds and grain

Take care behind the shadows and Beware of La Tremaine!

The Black Swan’s song’s seductive, it will draw you near

It will touch you deeply, it will reach beyond your fear

Her arms will spread wide open, to embrace you at her breast

Then she’ll clip your wings off, and entrap you in her nest

You’ll see the scabby patches beneath those raven wings

Her claws will stroke your belly while her fanged beak wags, hissing

She’ll flatter your young coat, sweet-talk you, and cajole 

Then she’ll shave your hide off to fill her balding holes

The beast will swear protection from fisher cats and bears 

Then she’ll trade your innocence for stones and badger hairs

This demon thing will strip you of what little pride you own

Then toss you back to whence you came, naked and alone

I swear my plucky ducklings, you’re stronger than you know

Solitude is no nemesis, it is armor, arrow, and bow

No matter how you yearn for tender, kind domain

Never be misled to the likes of La Tremaine!