My Walk with the Devil


I met the devil one night in the woods

Beat-down and broken, I would have fled if I could

The devil offered bread and offered beer

He offered his shoulder and he offered his ear

He nodded and sighed, pretending to care

But the look of his eyes showed no feeling in there

I let the devil seduce me, it’s true

Yes, I let him distract me, and I liked it too

I let the devil come into my bed

let him conquer my heart, let him scramble my head

I confess to my choice.  He never would.

Nothing’s ever his fault, he’s misunderstood

I loved the devil, whose heart knows no bounds

For the one in the mirror, the pond looking down

I held the devil. He sucked my bones clean

Then he choked on the marrow and blamed it on me

Yes, I know the devil, he told me his names

One day he’s Aristotle, the next Jesse James

You best believe him and follow his path

Or else you will meet with his delusional wrath.

I walked the devil to the dark wood’s edge

Where a sudden light broke through the sinister hedge

I heard the devil beg, please don’t you go!

Stay safe with me in the trees, safe cloaked in shadow.

The devil swore it a trick, a cruel prank you see 

No one in the light could ever love me

He’s the only true mate this wretch could know

I’d be all alone if I left him for that glow

I laughed at the devil and ran ahead

I would rather be lonely, I’d rather be dead!