Not Your Barbie Doll


My skin ain’t made of plastic, neither is my mane

I don’t want my clothes picked out, don’t care what you ordain

If you seek distraction there’s always books and balls

I’m not the entertainment, I’m not your Barbie doll

Can’t move my limbs around, acting your desires

There’s a real girl in here, a soul of blazing fire

Don’t need your direction, can find my own prim way

My heart, my feet can navigate a path through the fray

I am not a puppet, that’s why I got no strings

If you really paid attention, you would see my wings

I don’t need repairing, I’m not a broken thing

Perhaps you should look inward, to find what needs fixing

My love for you is endless, boundless, above all

I can’t be your surrogate, I’m not your Barbie doll