You're Just Not Here for Me


Stones, bones, catacombs and icy, iron bars

Cliques of black-veiled ladies teeming inside stretched black cars

I discern my part in this absurdity

I know just what I owe you, but you’re just not here for me

I feel no affection for this hallowed ground

I want no acquaintance with that covered earthen mound

Nothing can entice me in this dull and empty place

Are you disappointed? In here, I can’t see your face.

I shed this placid mask, escape to our beach

Grief has no power here, all my desires are in reach

Here your lulling laughter echoes in the tide

In all these grains of sand there is no place for you to hide 

I collect sand dollars, I sit on the rocks

I can roam for hours, when you come along for the walk 

In the cold, roaring surf, I find your embrace

And in the hazy August sun almost make out your face

Hope you like the flowers I left in your yard

Won’t be back to water them, you’ll have to ask the guard

If you’re looking, I’ll be strolling by the sea

That’s where I go to see you, 'cause you’re just not here for me