In This Together


The human carnival is lovely and menacing 

We ride the carousel together, it’s not our choosing

Sometimes the horses lift us up, sometimes they stay still

Sometimes the beasts will bite you, and sometimes they aim to kill

We’re trussed together on the spinning bubble we ride

Some passengers are thrilled by the speed, some are terrified

People gather round the music, dancing girls and clowns

In the shadows lurk monsters who lie, steal and put us down

The bond is always present, in life’s sunshine and night

It is present it in lovers’ eyes and children flying kites

In my bleakest times, my will to live lost in the fray

Kind acts of strangers stirred me to try another day

So be good to each other, and mind how you behave

Your wicked eyes could wound someone a sweet smile could save

We can make this world a heaven or purgatory

We’re in this together and together rule our story